Pelagic in Canberra revisited

The restaurant Pelagic had a special on seafood dining. The voucher entitled a couple to a glass of wine, entrees, mains, dessert and coffee for the price of $59. Extras like french fries, salads and oysters would be charged. From a previous visit I recalled the restaurant was dark with black walls and ceilings. But they have brighten up the place and it is warmer. The food has improved and recommend that they should not serve anything that is not fresh. See my review of their sashimi plate.
For entrees:
Grilled scallops. The crispy bacon rinds added a nice touch to the plate. It was tasty, unfortunately the photo did not turn out as well as we liked it to. So much for iphone photos. The photo looks more like a painting

The sashimi was quite disappointing. It came on a warm plate and they seemed to have been sitting on the warm bench while waiting for the scallops entree to be ready. It would be an improvement if they had cold plates or set the sashimi on crushed ice. When it arrived at the table, I could smell the fish was not market fresh.
And indeed I had a bad tummy in the middle of the night.
And as to the plating..judge for yourself.

Grilled tuna: It was excellent–not overcooked.

Blue cod:
I loved the blue cod. It was pan fried and cooked to perfection.
The mashed potatoes was rich and delicious.

Who ever made the desserts deserves praise.
Chocolate molten pudding

French apple tartine

And I do recommend the excellent coffee.