Uncle Lim’s at Pangkor Laut Resort

Don’t you love the entrance…money!  Luckily Uncle Lim’s prices were reasonable and his food was excellent so we kept returning.

We had a disaster dinner at the Feast village on the first night.
I ordered a gado gado. It was beautifully plated but the peanut sauce was rancid and the mini spring rolls tasted off.
After that we had evening meals at Lim’s. I actually met Uncle Lim and had a picture taken with him. The waiter told us that he is 81 this year and cooks several times a week and goes to the port twice a week to get fresh supplies. He does not allow anyone else to cook his special dishes. I don’t blame him as his special dishes were different and I am having trouble working out what he does.

On the first evening we had Uncle Lim’s signature dish –aromatic whole fish  steamed on banana leaves with lemon grass. I check the base of the dish– it had pounded soya beans, sliced green chilli, kafir lime leaves and lemon grass and–methinks skin of the kaffir lime fruit. The waiter said it had belacan–not that I can taste it. The central bone of the fish was removed and Uncle Lim said it was steamed for 15 minutes.

Roast duck                                               Ducks hanging out to dry
Flash fried kangkong with sambal belacan.

2nd Night we had:
Fish cooked Hock Chew style
Broccoli stir fried with garlic
Avocado cream with orange flavoured tapioca seeds with a twist of lime juice

3rd night
Chicken cooked in wine

Deepfried chicken with calamansi sauce. This was deliciously crunchy and the sauce was perfectly matched