Garagistes in Hobart

Sally and Martin recommended we try Garagistes. They did not seem to like it but they said it may appeal to us. We went and checked out the eatry. Garagistes–as the name suggests –a restaurant set up in a mechanic’s garage and filling it with long tables for communal  dining. You can’t book, so get there either early or late, or be prepared to wait. We did front up at about 6.30 pm and we were lucky we got a spot.
These are the snapshots of the empty wine bar.

We shared the table with a couple who owned 2 restaurants in Hunter Valley and another  couple –one an architect and a lawyer. The food was really interesting and beautifully presented. We wished we came with a bunch of firends so we could try all the dishes.
House baked bread on the house
House baked bread–on the house

Char grilled fatty lamb ribs, lemon, coriander seed + pepper dressing

crispy fried sweetbreads, damson sauce, hazelnuts, chickweed

Blue mackerel with wakame and pickled burdock

spanner crab, dashi poached onions, with paper thin slices of radishes

garagistes salumi + zuni zucchini pickles

lemon verbena ice cream, poached apple, lemon jelly, frozen basil meringue   ( Absolutely delicious)

What can I  say..thumbs up!