Roasted tomatoes

What do you do with an over supply of tomatoes from the garden. I have never tried roasting them before but I am pleased I did try roasting. The flavour changed but they were deliciously sweet. I froze some and with some I cooked them with thinly sliced beef. The next batch i make..I will make tomato soup with them, or add them to a bowl of vegetarian spaghetti

tomatoes slice cross-wise for roasting.            Roasted–packed full of sweetness

Healthy dish of sliced beef with roasted tomatoes
I threw the sliced beef into a pot. Added a clove of garlic, the roasted tomatoes and let them stew. I did not add water as there were enough juice from the roasted tomatoes and  beef. Salt to taste. Threw in a few  slices of  birdseye chilli, chopped coriander leaves and spring onions—all from the garden. So easy and no frying.