Vegetable garden and fruits

We had a lot of rain at the end of the year(2011). Our garden thrived on the rain.
These are some of the shots of the edible plants in the garden—taken in the middle of January 2012.

tomatoes, chilli plant, peaches, lemon tree, apricots, yellow french beans, kafir lime tree, kumquats, radishes, wasabi plant, feijioa tree, lemon grass, curry leave tree, bay leave tree, satsuma plums, red stem silverbeet, chilli, sage, mint, cucumber, beet root, lime tree, soft leave lettuce, oregano, thyme

Can you spot the:
Wasabi plant
A christmas gift. It has been planted under the “man-fern” garden and is thriving.
Curry treekariveppilai–is its Indian name
“‘kariveppilai’ (literally “curry” (kari)  “neem” (veppu) “leaf” ilai)). ”
Lemon grass –Serai