Rejected by Italian and Sons —saved by Kingsley Steak & Crabhouse

We left a phone booking for 2 at  the ltalian and Sons. They returned our call the next day to say they were fully booked except for the window seats and at the bar and we would have to be out by 8pm. We confirmed that the window seat would be good.  We had eaten before they became famous and we know the window seat was the best as you can “people watch” while waiting for the orders to appear.
However, when we turned up, they said they had booked us at the bar and we could take it or leave it.   We left it but came past later to see that the window seat was not used.   The problem with some restaurants is that success breed arrogance and customers are treated as though they are lying.  Good customer service is to say the restaurant has made a mistake and to look for another solution.
As it turned out we were pleased to have been rejected and the evening was a success.
We decided to revisit Kingsley Steak and Crabhouse at the Canberra city centre. We were please we did. Even though we did not make a booking..the waiter was very enthusiastic and indicated they would prefer if we can finish by 8pm  as they were fully booked  from then.
We had excellent tap beer and a fine Italian Pinot Gris.

We ordered only mains.
Kevin had grilled Waygu flank with battered onion rings.
He said the beef was tender and cooked as ordered. He was not willing to share his Onion rings.

I had grilled spring chicken with  soya and chillies on a base of chinese broccoli and chinese mushrooms. The chicken was succulent and tender.

Grilled asparagus with a balsamic vinegar dressing, topped with shaved Parmesan filled out the meal.

The food was really good and the service excellent! We will return to Kingsley and will not risk being rejected by Italian and Sons.