Nasi lemak for birthday dinner

Another year comes a round and it is Kevin’s birthday.
I decided to make nasi lemak as it is one of his favourite meals.
The phrase “nasi lemak” literally means “fatty rice” but is taken in context to mean “rich” or creamy”. The name is derived from the cooking process whereby rice is cooked in coconut milk or coconut cream.
For additional fragrance,   knotted screw pine (pandan leaf) and lemon grass is added into the rice in the cooking process.
Traditional, nasi lemak comes as platter of food wrapped in banana leaves. It comes with a variety of accompaniments such as chicken. rendang, hot spicy sauce(sambal), ikan bilies with peanuts, boiled egg and cucumber slices and so on.
I remembered having nasi lemak for breakfasts as a child, and the accompaniments were very basic –sambal, peanuts and ikan bilis and cucumber–and maybe a quarter of a hard boiled egg.
However, there are restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore which serve it as a noon or evening meals, making it possible for the dish to be eaten all day.

Cucumber and hot sambal

Ikan bilis and fried peanuts

Fried chicken

Beef rendang

Simply cooked snake beans with grated fresh tumeric

Fish otak otak

And we ended the meal with a chocolate birthday cake made by Justine.
Jade said Kevin can make a wish when he slices the cake but he must not cut through the base of the slice…otherwise his wish would not come true and he has to reveal the name of his girl friend. 🙂