Beppu 3–Onsen Ryokan Motonoyu Kurodaya

What is for breakfast? The table is set with a spoon on the side.

House made softbean curd. The spoon is for the delicious beancurd!

Side dishes, yoghurt, dried fish, pickled plum, miso soup,  rice, etc

This breakfast will keep us going until dinner. But I need my cup of good coffee.
This morning it started to drizzle and it felt muggy. We “bus” to the Beppu station, had my caffeine break and then took the local bus to “much talked about”  Yufuin.
Yufuin is a popular hot spring resort, located about ten kilometers inland from Beppu, the larger and more developed hot spring resort. Yufuin has a wealth of art museums, cafes and boutiques, and many travelers come to the city just to stroll about town for the day. And that is what we did. The place was crowded with Sunday strollers. The shops sold specialty sweets, cakes, dried goods and souvenirs.
Yufuin is located on a flat river basin surrounded by mountains. The most prominent feature of Yufuin’s skyline is the twin peaked Mount Yufu, which hovers over the town and serves as the backdrop for many scenic views.
It rained most of the day–so we did not go for any of the advertised local walks.
To have a different view of the country side, from Yufuin  we took the local train to Oita and then to Beppu by Hakata express.
We had time to relax in the hot spring for the last time as we heading for Hakata the next morning and looked forward to tonight’s dinner. I was wondering “will they serve Tempura tonight”

Out side the dinner rooms. All slippers are place the right way for the clients.

Dinner always start with appetizers and a tiny alcoholic drink.
On this occasion it was a plum wine.

My favourites from the dinner were:
Sashimi in an ice bowl                              Stewed kohlrabi ( so unbelievable good!!!)

Melt in your mouth grilled steak on a kombu boat and 3 kinds of sauces
The sauces were steak sauce, ponzu and a sweet miso. We were informed the Boss of the inn had 3 other inns in Beppu and 4 in Yufuin and he owns a butcher shop. So we are having the best of the beef cut. The beef was pre-grilled ( rare) and then we place it on a the kombu (shaped of a boat) and grilled it to our own taste.

More dishes
Surprise! Tempura!                                              Not sure what this dish is?

Most meals ended with rice, miso soup and pickles. This time it was green tea and a sweet.

I felt as though I was putting on weight even though the food had little fat or oil in the preparation.
Maybe it was that I ate as much as it was no wonder!