Beppu 2–Onsen Ryokan Motonoyu Kurodaya

Breakfast on the second day at the Onsen ryokan.
It is not unlike the big Aussie breakfast except it is has more variety and tastes.
They even included a glass of milk and an apple juice.

After breakfast we took a bus to the rail station. Had a coffee and wondered round the area. We saw more aged people than young ones. Then we decided to take the train to Oita which was just 2 stations away. I wanted to buy some art material for the gran kids and eventually found a nice paper shop. Just as well we were travelling light (just an overhead luggage each) –I would have bought more. While at the shop, I was frustrated not being able to communicate with the young lady at the counter. I made drawings on scraps of paper they had at the shop and we found out she did not stock what I wanted. While we were there I got into a conversation with another young lady who was shopping there. She is a Singaporean,  studied at ANU and has being teaching in Oita for 9 years. Fancy meeting her! She invited us to tagged along with her to Yufuin. But unfortunately we ran out of time.
We had another good long soak in the hot springs and headed for dinner at the appointed time.
Everything runs like clock work. The trains are on time and the buses too! And so is dinner.

This is the menu for the second nights dinner





Shaved beef for sukiyaki

The cooked meat is dipped into a raw egg

The meal as usual ended with rice,  mixed pickles, miso soup. Then green tea and fresh fruit and ice cream

Hey when we returned to our room the beds were not made. What a disappointment (just kidding). They were really busy on Sunday. I reckon it was full house. And the hot baths were busy too. But when we asked for our beds to be made–They quickly found someone–a gentleman from the reception.