Beppu 1–Onsen Ryokan Motonoyu Kurodaya

Beppu is a tourist town sandwiched between the sea and the mountains. Beppu contains nine major geothermal hot spots, which are sometimes referred to as the “nine hells of Beppu”.
When we arrived at the Beppu Rail station, we had something to eat. We selected what they had translated in the English menu as dumplings in special soup. Dango-jiru–It is a local dish in Oita Prefecture. “Dango” means “dumpling”, and it is commonly made of wheat flour in ball shape. But this dish use the flattened dango like wide noodle. Dango-jiru is made by boiling the flattened dango, shaved bardock roots, carrot, shiitake mashroom, taro, and so on, in miso soup. Eating the soup was like a treasure find bits of meat, tiny balls of taro which I thought were meat balls.

Our accommodation has an inside and outside natural hot springs. Breakfast and dinners were included in the price of the accommodation. After being shown our interesting sparse room we headed off to explore the public hot springs.

We had a rest and after an excellent hot spring bath at our inn, we went for dinner. While dinner was served, our beds were made. And indeed it was made—futons on the tatami floor.

Dinner was served in a private room with a tatami floor.

Both of us were looked after by an elderly lady. I was really impressed with her as she was learning English at the age of 60. When she was stuck, she would pull out her pocket electronic dictionary.  Her interests were origami and photography.
We had a printed dinner menu with maybe about “20 dishes”. I wish I could find the menu..lost somewhere in transition.
Dinner on the first night




Shabu shabu

Rice soaked in dashi and waiting to be cooked at the table. Takes 20 minutes.

Meals ends with miso soup and the cooked rice and pickles. And of course some fruit. We were too full to remember to take a picture of the beautiful fruit The meal was memorable — different tastes and texture.