Hiroshima – Japan

Hiroshima’s traditional dish is okonomiyaki – a savory layered noodle pancake cooked on an iron hotplate. The locals are proud of their contribution to the Japanese cuisine. We had a simple one without the different add-ons like oysters, prawns.

We had excellent grilled eels at the one of the restaurants at the sacred Island of Miyajima. This an a 30 sq.km island designated by the Japanese government as a special historic site. It is touristy  but worth a visit.
Oysters were on offer in almost every shop. They farm the oysters on the Hiroshima bay.

We opted for grilled eels

We could not resist having an ice-cream after the lunch.

For dinner we were fortunate to find a grill bar at a side street cafe.
Grill master

Samples of what we had
Starters: Mushrooms with grated diakon and spinach with vinegar and white miso.

Mixed grill                                          Pigs ears

Green peppers and leeks with a sweet miso sauce

Grilled mackerel

Grilled rice ball

We stayed at the Hotel Granvia which is 5 mins walk from the Japan Rail station.
There were lots of places to eat. We had breakfast at one of the bakeries which also served coffee and Japanese breakfast.
We had a simple, nutritious breakfast of grilled mackeral and rice and the usual side dishes–pickles and miso soup.

Snacks: Triangle rice ball with different fillings.
I want to note  this down as I find the packaging of the snack very interesting and may be of help if you decide to pack sushi lunches for your children. Keep the nori separate from the rice ..that way you get a crispy nori.

The nori is kept in a very thin plastic wrapping and easily torn away.