Dipping noodles at Shinjuku, Tokyo

We started the day with a visit to Akibara–the largest collection of electronic shops in the world – except for the Internet.

Then we headed for Ameyoko Ueno Market. This market has over 500 shops that sell everything from basic foods to clothing. Nothing took our  fancy.

We took a ride on a JR line and found ourselves in Shinjuku. The west area is mainly office skyscrapers and the east is the most crowded in Toyko with housing, shopping and entertainment – a bit like Mongkok.

We found a noodle bar in the office area. It was no more than 20 square metres in area, with seating for nine and room for the cook and server – but no waiter. The place was full. We were tentative but the owner came out and asked us in. Funny we could not speak the same language. He pointed to a ticket machine. We pressed the machine and nothing happened. So he indicated we needed to insert money and press whatever we wanted. We could not read what was on the menu. We pressed a couple of random buttons and gave  the coupons to the server.  He then asked us something. Uhh oh –what did we do wrong! I called out in English for someone to help.  As always a customer came to our rescue and translated –the cook wanted to know if we want a large or small amount.  We said a little – but it was still a lot.
This started a conversation with the translator and her friend.
The sauce was delicious. It had bits of sliced belly pork and dried bamboo shoots and the texture of the noodles was just right.

I asked the guy sitting next to me..what the sauce or dipping stock was made out of. He thinks it was made of roasted tuna bones and pork bones and pork belly. LOL he even advised me it was ok to slurp my noodles–eat the japanese way. We had fun and I am sure the cooks were amused too. Believe me the noodles were really good and a very enjoyable and happy experience !

Ticket machine that takes your order inside the shop