Shinagawa Local Restaurants — part 1

Our objective in Japan was to eat at everyday restaurants and try anything that looked interesting.  On our first evening we found a local sushi restaurant, which as we found out, served very fresh sushi. The menu did not have any English translation and neither did any of  the staff speak any English.  We sat at the counter and ordered by pointing at the menu.

We ordered beers and this is my first local draft beer  –loved it. We ordered  a salad. It had lots of chopped up greens and really small brown mushrooms. And it was topped with a heap of bonito shavings. I could not make out the dressing–it had no oil but it was delicious and very healthy.

I ordered a very a fresh looking fish sasahmi from the menu.
It tasted absolutely sweet and fresh.
But I got a shock of my life. It was FRESHER THAN I THOUGHT. The tail started to wag and that was it. I passed the dish back to the counter.

We then ordered a plate of sushi. They came with a bowl of white miso soup and egg custard.

On our second evening we explored the back alleys around the railway station and ended up in a Korean barbecue hole in the wall. Our waiter was an ethnic Chinese Swede studying Japanese. He was able to translate some of the words and was a great help.

BBQ beef

A salad of bean curd, okra, crunchy lettuce, with some kind of sliced meat topped with a soft boiled egg.

The little dish at the base of the photo is some sort of beef stew. It was rich and delicious and this was on the house.