Stir fry fresh Korean rice cakes or noodles

This is what korean rice cake or noodles look like.
Its korean name is garaeddeok. Ddeok means rice cake.
It is made of non-glutinous rice and and be purchased at Korean grocery stores.

I prefer using fresh rice cakes rather than the dried ones. If using the dried ones,   soak them in cold water for 20 minutes before you use them. Rice cakes  are so versatile. Combine them with vegetables with any freshly sliced meat or seafood or go vegetarian. They can be added to simple soups too.
To make you need:
Rice cakes–slice them

Steamed chicken breast ( or sliced raw meat).
I had chicken breasts left over from another chicken dish.
I steamed them and shredded them when cool. And saved the jus too.

Slice red capsicum, garlic. Blanch asparagus very briefly–keep it crunchy and green.

You can substitute any kind of vegetables or meat.
I happen to have these ingredients in the fridge.

Put oil in pan and add garlic, then a dessertspoon of soya beans.
Fry until fragrant, taking care not to burn garlic.
Note: Add your fresh meat or seafood at this stage if you using uncooked meat.
Stir until the meat is cooked before adding the vegetables.

Add vegetables. The vegetables can be raw.

Add noodles                      and shredded chicken with its juice.
Stir and let cook for a few minutes. Test if the noodle is cooked in the middle.
I often do not add salt or soya sauce as I find the soya beans  salty enough.
But adjust the seasoning if required. The noodles should be chewy.
We serve the  dish with sliced chillies in soya sauce.