Norma’s fried chicken — ayam goreng

When we were in Rumbai, Norma used to make us her special fried chicken. I reckon it tastes better than KFC…and  am sharing her simple recipe–not 52 spices but 4 simple ingredients.
One chicken, trimmed and chopped into pieces. Salt to taste.
Lemon grass. Grate the lemon grass.

Massage or mix the grated lemon grass into the meat.

White pepper and garlic    Pound the garlic and pepper

Mix the above into the chicken pieces and marinate for at least 30 minutes. I prep the chicken and left it in the fridge the day before. And I brought it to room temperature before cooking.
Blend enough coriander seeds into powder and sprinkle over the chicken.
Mix lightly. This acts as the spice agent and as the flouring of the chicken before frying.
Heat a pan with enough oil to fry the chicken pieces.
It should look like this.     And serve it with freshly made chilli sauce if desired.
I think it tastes great without the chilli sauce.