Hot Pot Gungahlin, Marketplace Gungahlin

Hey guys—Gungahlin has another new eatery –the Hot Pot.

My badminton friend and I decided to check it out after our game.
They not only serve hotpots but other dishes as well.
They have entrees like fried wontons, spring rolls, etc. and also noodle dishes.
The hotpot was not a good option for us as it was fun to have it when you have a large group to share the pot.
So we decided on the softer option:
Fried wonton, Beef brisket rice noodle in soup and  dumpling noodle soup.
They were made in house.
The skin was crispy but we found the stuffing a bit too salty.

Beef brisket rice noodle soup
The beef was tender and the soup was tasty. At the time of my asking..the owner did verify that the stock was made in house.  I hope they keep it that way. MSG is bad news!

Dumplings noodles in soup
My friend said it was ok. LOL she said there were too many dumplings.

A photo of the huge range of sauces you can have with your hot pot or your noodles.