Forequarter lamb chops curry

I tried making this curry with light coconut milk.
You can replace it with ordinary coconut milk or even add coconut cream.

270 light coconut milk  (use coconut milk)
6 forequarter chops (0.988 kilo)
Curry leaves,
cardamon pods(3)
1/2 inch cinnamon stick
grated fresh ginger and tumeric (or tumeric powder)
Clean and cut away all the fatty bits from the lamb chops. Cut meat into big chunks.
Add equal amounts of water as to coconut milk into a pot. Add meat and Indian curry leaves, cardamons pods, cloves and cinnamon, ginger and tumeric— stir till it comes to boil.
Let it simmer until tender and salt to taste.

Meanwhile: Grill garlic. onions, dried chillies and prawn paste (belachan)
Remove garlic and onion skin. Blend garlic, onion and prawn paste. Add a little of the simmering cocount milk( or water)  to make it easier to blend in a blender.

Blend the following (or crush in a mortar and pestle)
A dessert spoon of coriander seeds
1/2 teaspoon of cummin
grilled dried chillies
( I use a dedicated coffee grinder just for blending spices.)
When the meat is tender…remove meat and most of the sauce into another bowl.
Heat up the the remaining sauce in the pot and add the blended ingredents and the spices. Stir and add a bit of oil if it needs it for the spices to fry. When the spices smells good (do not allow to burn), You can add some chilli powder to spice it up (if you are not cooking for children). Then return the meat and sauce into the pot. Let it simmer for a bit. Dish and top with shredded fresh ginger and coriander leaves

You can see it is not a rich curry but it does taste good.