Fried fish with sambal petai –cencaru (cincaru) sambai petai.

We  commonly refer petai as the stinky beans and it does smell.
My advise is if you going out on a date refrain from eating the beans.
On the way back to the KL airport, I have asked the driver if we could get some local fruits. Manikam took us to Bidor. And it must be the petai season as there were heaps at the market.
This is what they look like in their pods.

I happen to have some frozen petai and had bought a fresh trevally ( fish) from the Belconnen markets. I was going to try and imitate the signature dish I had at “mum” s in KL–Ikan Cencaru pedas.
And for fun I am posting the recipe in Malay.
1 ekor ikan trevally (goreng garing)
Petai ( tumis kan)
assam jawa
kicap ikan
6 cili padi
1 labu bawang besar
3 ulas bawang putih
1 serai
Tumbuk cili padi, bawang putuh, bawang besar dan serai..
Atau giling kesemua bahan dalam “blender”

Chara menyediakan
1. Tumis kesemua bahan tumbuk hingga pecah minyak.
2. Tambahan kicap ikan (fish sauce)  dan assam jawa.
3. Maniskan dengan gula sechukup rasah.
4. Masukkan petai
5. Tumis lagi dan tuang ke atas ikan goreng.
Rasanya sedap sekali!

The dish does not look good but I can assure you it tastes fabulous.
I reckon it tastes better than the one we had at “mum”‘s as it is not deadly spicy hot.

LOL took me a long time to write this in Malay as I had to stop and think.
Any expert in the language please correct me if you reading this.