Lunch with Rebecca and Co. in KL

When in KL —what else but indulge in food. Rebecca took us to one of her favourite local haunts. This is  hawker food. It does remind one of “sidecafes” in Europe. In MHO, this is better in many ways.
Cheap, fast and fresh and the ambience is fun.

I ordered the recommended iced 3 layer tea. The tea was made up of tea, evaporated milk and “gula melaka ” (brown coconut sugar). I loved it and it tasted better than “chai” tea. I have an inkling that they flavoured the gula melaka with pandan leaves. Who would have thought gula Malacca would make a difference in the taste .

The orders were made at various hawkers and we paid as they brought out the food.
We shared dishes of
Rojak                                kwei teow                  curry flat noodles         fat noodles

I could spy out of the corner of my eye– scrumptious looking roast duck and pork and many other dishes. My eyes were big but my stomach was small. AND to be honest I was beginning to feel fat.
Anyway, after this we were going to shop for durians.