KL food courts revisited

Yes, we were back in KL in the month of July 2011. Kevin presented a paper at the 2nd World RIBA conference in KL. We stayed at the Marriott and I went shopping and got to know the precinct quite well.  Of course my first priority was food. Once again I revisited KLCC Ampang food mall, the LOT 10 and the Pavillion. Personally I prefer Pavillion over LOT 10.

Posting a few photos of savoury and sweet snacks.
The best place to buy Nyonya cakes is at the Spice Coffee company, located at the lower floor of KLCC. I would recommend their karipap pusing (spiral curry puff).

OndeOnde             Kueh kochi        spiral currypuff         soya bean custard(taufufa)

Breakfast at Pavillion
Typical Malaysian breakfast of toast and kaya (egg custard jam) and a soft boiled egg.

Lunch or dinner at Ampang Mall
Nasi kandar

Yang tau foo at the Pavillion

Grilled sting ray (skate)  and fish at the Pavillion mall

Noodles at LOT 10
Beef balls with tripe and some slices of meat and accompany by some noodles topped with minced beef. These were from LOT 10..supoosedly to be the best?

Penang kafe at the KLCC
We have eaten at the Kafe once before. I was disappointed that they have substituted the pucuk paku with blanched kangkong. The assam fish tasted good but did not have the freshness as the previous time.