In search of durians in Kuala Lumpur

After lunch we decided to have some durians. Fortunately, it is the durian season.
Durian is known as the King of Fruits in Southeast Asia.
It comes from the Malay word “Duri” meaning thorn and together with suffix that is “an” (for building a noun in Malay) –meaning thorny fruit. You either hate the fruit or love it.
These days they have genetically engineered the fruit. They taste good but I prefer the “kampong” durian which have large seeds and less flesh and each durian tastes unique.
We drove around and eventually found the durian market at Kepong. It was raining dogs and cats but the smart seller came out with an umbrella for their customers. Service! While we were there they were unloading heaps of durians. The names of the varieties (genus) is mind bogging and mind you, they are pricey depending on the genus.

Needless to say I ate more than my fair share.
One can be addicted to durians. I am not kidding.

These are nangka  (jack fruit)