Peanuts and dried white bait–ikan bilis dan kacang goreng

The other day I was wandering through the shopping centre when the smell of peanuts reminded me of “ikan bilis and kacang goreng”.  I changed my shopping schedule and found some raw peanuts and dried white bait and hurried home to cook.
To fry the peanuts– start with the oil that is warmed slightly. This is because if you add them in hot oil, they fry outside and the inside of the nut will be raw. You will see bubbles in the oil as they cook. You can adjust the heat as you stir. Take it off the stove when the nuts are just lightly brown as they continue to cook even when off the stove. Drain nuts and leave the nuts to cool on grease proof paper.
I do a quick wash of the dried bait in a sieve just before frying them.  I use the same oil that I used for frying the peanuts. Drain and leave to cool on grease proof paper. Then mix the peanuts and fried bait together. Sometimes you can add deep fried chopped fresh coriander leaves, chillies to the mixture. They keep in jar –but it never seems to last in our household. This is often served  as a side dish (especially with nasi lemak),  snack or as an accompaniment with beer and wine.
On this occasion I served them with rice and a quick braised chicken with chillies and mint.