Truffles with eggs

Last Saturday Kevin decided to queue up for some truffles at the Canberra farmer’s market. It needs something special for him to queue as I know he hates queues.

The smell of truffles is difficult to pinpoint. Smells earthy and musky.
Anyway, I googled “how to use t…” and decided to make scrambled eggs with them. So I stored the “black gold” with 6 eggs in the jar for the day.

We made the scrambled eggs and were excited to see how it tasted. It did taste good but I am not sure if it was due to the truffles or we happened to make a beautiful batch of scrambled eggs. The shaved truffles was crunchy and did not taste of anything. Most probably the scent of the truffle has infiltrated the eggs and flavoured them – but we will need to experiment some more to see if this is true.