Simply Pho at the Gunghalin Town Center, Canberra.

For lunch I ducked into Simply Pho to satisfy a craving for noodles and soup. Pho is served in a bowl with white rice noodles in clear broth with paper thin cuts of beef and raw onions. Variations feature tendon, tripe, beef balls.
The broth is generally made by simmering beef (and sometimes chicken) bones, charred onion, and spices, taking several hours to prepare. I am not sure how Simply Pho made their broth. I checked with them and they confirmed they do add sugar to the broth. So if you are diabetic beware of this.
The bowl of noodles comes with garnishes of fresh bean sprouts, vietnamese mint and a wedge of lemon and sliced chillies.

The sliced beef appears half cooked but the broth is so hot it gets cooked when you submerge the beef under the broth when you add the garnishes.

“…Pho isn’t just Broth and Noodles: Its a Passion in a bowl ”  Robert Templer –Wall Street Journal 1999. I simply agree with him if the broth is made right.