Star Hill Food mall at the Marriott in Kuala Lumpur

On the last evening Kevin decided we have dinner at a restaurant that serves authentic Malay food. We googled and settled on ENAK..KL as it had great reviews.
Tucked away behind Luk Yu Tea House on the Feast Floor of Starhill Gallery is  ENAK KL, a  restaurant that specialises in traditional Malay cuisine. The name suggests delicious. The entrance to the Feast floor of the StarHill gallery is through the Marriot.
The menu features a varied Malay cuisine and some Indonesia dishes. If you’re used to authentic Malay food, you might find this a little watered down and touristy.

Snapshots  of dishes:
Satay with
pieces of cucumber, compressed rice, raw red onions, peanut sauce

Botok botok
Botok-botok is a traditional Johorian dish  mistaken for Otak-otak. It is made of pieces of fish fillets marinated in spicy paste and covered with many types of leaves that are shredded into pieces.
We were informed it could include young papaya leaves and many healthy herbs. Then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.
We never had this before found it quite interesting and does taste good.

Black Beef  (Daging Hitam)
I found the colour off putting and I did not care for the taste as well.
The black beef I had tasted is quite different and was better in terms of colour and flavour.

Kerabu asparagus (Kerabu=asian salad)
You can vary the salad dressing depending on the type of salad.