Dinner at the Cox’s on Saturday

We were delighted that Stephen, Donna and Lily came for a visit on the Queens birthday long weekend. The 4 J’s joined us for dinner. Jonte has requested dumplings, Jade requested spring rolls and chicken and James noodles. I had a lot of help with the cooking.

We made “crusty bottom dumplings” ie.  fried so that we get a crusty bottom. I recalled:  Jonte was 4 at the time when I made them and when I told him they were crusty bottom dumplings– he said I just said a naughty word. I had to smile.

Spring rolls in the process of being fried:

Spring rolls and little fried chicken drumlets

Noodle soup with prawns, beef  and pork balls.

Caramelising the sugar on the panna cota. Made by Mum J and helped by Jonte.