Rogan Josh with Kangaroo meat

I find kangaroo meat a bit gamey and thought I hide the strong flavour with rogan josh  spices. Kangaroo meat has no fat and I was concerned it would taste stringy.  But I was happy as it turned out so well–I would be making it again.
As a trial run…I bought a small (looks almost like skirt steak) piece(0.380 gms),  a small cartoon of greek yoghurt, a can of chopped tomatoes ( use fresh if you have any) and some fresh coriander and curry leaves.
Cut the meat across the grain. Marinate meat with a serving spoon of yoghurt and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice(optional). Yoghurt acts as a tenderiser. Slice 2 large onions, mince or grate some fresh ginger and finely chopped ends of the fresh coriander. Using a coffee blender ( I use this only  for blending spices), blend a table spoon of coriander seed,  the a teaspoon of cumin seeds, then 2 dried chillies (add more if you need the heat).
Pour 2-3 tablespoon of oil into a thick bottom pan or pot. Add sliced onions and cook till slightly caramelised. Add the curry leaves, grated ginger, stir, add a serving spoon of coriander powder, teaspoon of cumin powder, chilly powder and I forgot…some sweet paprika (gives  the curry a reddish color without the heat.). Stir and and add the chopped coriander ends and add a spoonful of yoghurt in case the mixture starts to burn. Add meat and stir and grate a little fresh tumeric ( use powdered tumeric if you prefer) . Add half a can of chopped tomatoes. Stir and bring to simmering point. Salt to taste. I do not add water to the pot as the tomatoes and meat releases liquid while cooking. Lower flame and semi cover pot with lid and cook until meat is tender.  Takes about an hour..depends on quanttity and quality of meat. Keep an eye on the pot. I taste and may add a bit of sugar if the tomatoes are very acidic.  The amount of dry spices you add into the pot is up to you. You may even add cloves and cinnamon. Before plating, add the chopped coriander leaves. I was pleased at the kangaroo version as the meat was tender and moist.

I served with a cucumber, mint yoghurt ( used up the other half of the yoghurt)
and a fried cabbage dish and of course rice..