The Davids’ birthday party

Both Davids has been Kevin’s jogging mates for many years and they still jog two or three times a week.
Last 3rd November, 2010– 8 of us from Canberra (the Cox’s, Clarke’s, Pederson’s, Lawrence’s) and the Poole’s (who are good friends of ours from Tasmania) went on a 6 days  guided tracking trip in the Cradle Mountain National Park. On this occasion it was to celebrate Kevin’s 70th.
On this occasion we were celebrating the 2 Davids’  birthday at David P’s place.

We started with: Tzatziki and skewered lamb and toasted flat bread.
The lamb was perfectly cooked.

Then we had a vegetarian pie with trimmings of french beans with toasted almonds and honeyed carrots and a fresh salad. And David make his own pastry! I loved the pie!

Then the Birthday cake. Now how do you work out how old are the birthday boys.
One is a mathematician and the other a statistician. They had worked out before hand how to arrange the candles.  Hint: one was 70 and the other 67 and the position of the lit candles has meaning.

We had figs and strawberries and ice cream to go with it. Louise, the entomologist, had to tell us every fig had dead female wasps in it. This appeared to worry some but left more for those who liked a bit of protein with their dessert.

A great dinner with good company.