Korean hot pot at the Gunghalin town centre

It was so cold yesterday evening. We ventured into Arirang the korean cafe. We like to support our local eateries. We have eaten here previously and wondered if they change their menu in winter.  The cafe was crowded with koreans–young and old. It does imply-authentic korean food. They were at least 4 tables having hot pots.
Lamb hot pot looks so inviting on the menu.
We were served little side dishes. They were different types of kimchi.
We ate the lot while waiting for our hotpot but they were quickly replaced with a new lot.

The hot pot was served piping hot, sitting over a little gas stove.  We asked a few questions as we were not familar with korean hotpots. They had sprinkle a dusting of fine red chilly powder and hazel nuts?( could not get an exactly answer to the question as they were not fluent in the english translation), 2 sliced cloves of raw garlic and a few slices of fresh green chilly on top of the hotpot. There was a dipping sauce of sweet chiily sauce, sesame oil, dusting of “hazelnuts” and a smear of mustard. We were instructed we could scoop out the red sprinkling of red chilly powder if we do not like it hot.
This hotpot was so delicious–spicy and hot! So goooood for a cold evening!

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