Delhi 6 Indian restaurant

It was a cold night and we thought curry would be nice. Delhi 6 was on my mind as we have walked past this restaurant on many occasions. We were not disappointed as the food was good as expected. The menu also boasts a great selection of vegetarian dishes.
The pappadams were on the house.

We shared an entree: potato and chick pea samosa—topped with a delicious yoghurt and tamarind sauce. The pastry was crunchy and the filling had just the right chilly heat for us.

There were too many dishes to try. We settled for goat curry,  chana masala (chickpeas and potatoes cooked with freshly ground spices sauce,  white rice and naan to mop up the sauces.  I was very impressed with the service and even more impressed when they gave us warm plates…especially on a cold day.
This place is worth another visit as there are many other dishes we wish to try.