Baked eggs with zuchinni (courgette)

I used up the last small zuchinni and other left over vegies from the garden in an egg dish.
I used 5 eggs, some cheese, chives and a chopped slice of bacon as well. Slightly beat eggs, add milk and some cornflour slurry. Add the grated zuchinni (squeezed dry the grated zuchinni) , bacon and chives. Add a dash of salt and mix. Oil a dish and pour in the egg mixture. Top with grated tasty cheese. Cover with foil. Baked in oven in a bain-marie (water bath). Make sure the water is hot when you pour it in the bath and it comes up 3 quarters of the dish. It would take about 45 minutes. This would depend on size of your egg mix and oven temperature. It would be cooked if you jiggle the custard and it barely “qivers”. Do not over bake–it should have a  custard like texture. I remove foil and grill the top.

And serve it with a fresh salad….sigh last of the sweet cherry tomatoes