Braised chicken wings with mushrooms and cloud ear fungus

This is a kind of a warm autumn dish. But this can be made anytime of the year.
Soak dried mushrooms and cloud ear fungus ( or you can use wood ear fungus). Remember to cut off the stalks of the reconstituted mushrooms  and squeeze dry. The soaking water from the mushrooms is very strong. You may add it if you dont mind the taste.
Clean wings by rubbing salt on meat and then wash. Rinse and rub in a bit of salt and let sit for at least 20 minutes.
Start a pan or pot. Add bit of oil and then throw in the few slices of ginger and white ends of scallions. Stir, add chicken wings and stir. Then add some dark soya and stir to coat meat. Then add some mirin and some light soya sauce. Add mushrooms and ear fungus.
Add some water (not too much as you dont want a lot of sauce at end of cooking.) and bring to simmering point and simmer until meat is tender. You can thicken the sauce with a bit of cornflour slurry at the end of cooking if you find the sauce a bit thin.

I picked the last big zucchini. Stir fried it with a bit of oil and fish sauce.
The zucchini tasted really sweet.