da Nunzio — restaurant in Gunghalin

I have been busy in the garden, trimming and cleaning up before winter sets in. I was too tired to cook and I craved for some rich carbohydrate, like spaghetti with rich tomato sauce.  We decided to revisit da Nunzio in Gunghalin.
We shared a antipasto rustico which was really nice.

Kevin had Angus beef steak seared and finished in wood fired oven, large king prawn with garlic sauce.

I could not find a spaghetti with a rich tomato sauce on the menu. The owner(Nunzio) said he could make me a seafood tomato based spaghetti– which I thought was very generous and thoughtful of him. Rechecking the menu I found Tagliolini al granchio which is blue simmer crab, chilli, garlic and olive oil with thin spaghetti. It was a good dish except I would like a bit more of the hot chilli.