White cut chicken

One of our favourite chicken dishes is white cut chicken with dips (condiments).
Scallion sauce
Finely chopped spring onions. Sprinkle salt on top and pour smoking hot oil over it. The oil cooks the spring onions. Mix.
Grated ginger.
Grate and top with salt and pour hot oil over it.
And of course home made chillie sauce.

White cut chicken
There are many ways of cooking this dish and very often the breast and wings are overcooked and the thighs still raw.  I have botched this dish many times.
Best if you can get a fresh chook or almost fresh one.
Clean chicken and rub salt inside and outside of chicken.
Wash and then salt the chicken again. And try and not break the chicken breast skin. Stuff a piece of smashed fresh ginger and a sprig of  spring onion into the cavity. Truss chicken and leave to rest for at least for half an hour. Caution: not to over salt chicken other wise you cannot use the stock to make soup.
Bring a pot of water of water to boil. Ensure the chicken fits the pot and the level of water just covers the top of the breast of the chicken. I use a cast iron pot as it retains the heat well.
When water comes to boil, dip chicken in the boiling water. Then immerse chicken in cold water. Bring pot to boil again. Dip chicken and try to get the boiling water into the cavity. Do this several times. Then lift chicken and bring the water to a hard boil again. Put chicken in, breast up. Cover and turn off flame and leave for 20  minutes. Then lift chicken out. You will notice the liquid looks pinkish, which means the chicken is not cooked. Bring the stock to boil again. Return chicken and try to get the hot water into the cavity again, at least twice more. Lift chicken and bring water to boil again, Return chicken breast up, cover, turn off flame and  leave it in the pot until dinner time.
Before serving, I lift up the chicken out of the pot and then bring the stock to a hard boil…then quickly place chicken in stock to gently heat up the chicken.  My method may not work for you and it is cumbersome.
There are easier methods if you look up the net.

Garnish chicken with cucumber.

Soup from the stock.
You can then boil the stock and make soup.
On this occasion I placed a few thinly sliced  raw daikon (chinese radish from the garden) and some coriander leaves and poured the hot stock over it.

And you can throw in the trimmings from the cooked chicken (bones, backs) into the stock. Boil and strain. Turn this into a lovely vegetable soup the next day.