Shredded pork inspired by a Bridge Online Player

I often play online bridge and know a few American players.
Most of them play in the evenings while they cook dinner. On this occasion Doc (lets give him a handle as Doc) had to be excused for 5 minutes as he had to check on his shredded pork pot roast. Well that was it!. The bridge game was on hold while they discuss the various ways you can make shredded pork. I made Doc’s version. I tried it out and it was delicious. There are many recipes on the net. Here is my interpretation as Doc did not specify quantities but he did say cook for 3 hours in the oven.
I used pork loin (skinned and remove most fat ) and salted the pork (do not over salt). Blend some coriander and cumin seeds, black pepper corns, and 2 whole dried chillies in a coffee grinder and rub the mixture over the pork. Chopped onion and 2 cloves of garlic were cooked in oil in a dutch oven until translucent. Place pork in the pot, add 2 bay leaves and some water until it reaches nearly the top of the pork. Cover and place pork in the oven at 180. I cooked it for 2 hours as it was a small piece of pork.
It smelt so good while cooking. It was tempting to peek.

The result : the meat was easy to shred. I poured off the juice.
With a stickblender turned the juice it into a delicious jus.

This was served with a salsa of tomato, cucumber, green chillies, coriander leaves, mint, avocado and lime juice and some sour cream mixed with yoghurt.
I made some flour wrappers to go with it.
And we have plenty of left overs for another meal.
Maybe shredded pork sandwiches with trimmings of fresh salad and chillies. Yum!