Lanterne Rooms Restaurant

Two days ago we went to Lanterne for my birthday. We been to the place quite a few times but the previous time the food was a disappointment. I presume that chef had a bad day. This time the food was excellent.
Lanterne  was booked out even though it was a Wednesday night. The service was efficient as usual and despite the full house, food and drinks were served on time.
Picture of the Lanterne entrance.

We shared 2 entrees:
Spicy cassava with mantou bread.
, often referred to as Chinese steamed bun/bread, is a kind of steamed bun originating in China. They are typically eaten as a staple in northern china.
I think this is how they constructed the entree…:) I may be wrong.
A slice of mantou was shallow fried on both sides and then topped with a spicy indian cassava topping. Cassava is a tropical root crop similar to taro and yam. It is grown as a food source in the Pacific Island countries and Africa. It has enlarged starch filled roots, which contains about 30% starch and very little protein.
The taste reminded me of an Indian samosa.
Thumbs up for inventing a deconstructed samosa.

Duck rolls with kafir lime chilli dressing.
This was crispy and morish. I could have more than one.

Mains: The mains were served with a big pot of rice.
Galangal–lemongrass chicken with sambal okra
The marinated grilled chicken was tender and moist.

Fish of the day–salmon or sword fish
The waiter said the sword fish was cooked with pineapple in a very hot spicy sauce .
We never had it before.
It  was spicy hot and numbing. I suspected they had used szechuan pepper corns  in the sauce although I did not see any in the dish.
The waiter confirm my suspicions but did not reveal how they did it.

For desserts, we had coffee and mochi at home.
I bought some fresh mochi from a korean shop in the morning.
I love mochi.