Stuffed chillies

We had some huge chillies grown from a punnet of chilly plants from the farmers market. It had a picture of small chillies but look at the size! They were very hot. I thought if I scraped the seeds and veins off the insides, it would reduce the heat. It didn’t.

I stuff them with pork mince. Fish sauce, cornflour and sesame oil was added to the mince and then mixed until it binds. Stuff the chillies and fry them in shallow oil. When you think the stuffing in the chilly is cooked, add minced garlic and cook until fragrant. Then sprinkle some sugar and soya sauce. This makes a sweet sauce.  Put chillies on plate and pour over with the sauce from the pan.
The chillies were hot. So we just ate the stuffing instead. Even the stuffing was hot but very delicious!