Morning tea at “Make a Mark” at the Cook Hub

There are many art groups in the U3A (university of the 3rd age) in Canberra.
Most of them are self help.
I  joined Make a Mark –an art group at Cook on February 2011.
We have an excellent leader and some of the members are experienced artists.
They are wonderful in sharing their experiences and knowledge.
At the moment the art class is full…I wonder why! 🙂
Anyone interested in U3A,  here is the link:
We meet every Monday morning. Last Monday was  the last day of the term.
Rhonda had made and organised a beautiful morning tea. Itself a work of art.

We all had samples of our art work on the wall.
We made our judgments on our own “master pieces” –good or bad.

Samples of artwork by the group
Lino prints

Fruit printing

A slice of colour–with colour pencils

Charcoal and lino version

Charcoal drawings and lino print of fish.

Sample of my simple art:

Note: The beautiful Charcoal foot and hand drawing is not my artwork.
Self analysis:
I need to be more fluid and forget about making perfect lines.
It would be interesting to see how I change during the next term.