Green fish curry–trevella

When we were living in Indonesia, the trevella we used to get from the “fish tukong” was huge. We grilled the fish and then served it with chillies in sweet soya sauce.
Today I made a smaller whole trevalla into a fish curry. The spices were chilly padi (extremely small green) chillies, lemon grass, garlic and tiny red shallots—all from the garden.
They were pounded with candlenuts.
I diluted a small can of coconut cream. Added the ground spices , grated some tumeric and add a frozen pandan leave. (I buy a whole bunch of pandan leaves, wash them and cut them into 3 inch pieces and freeze them for later use.)
Cook mixture until it comes to boil, then simmer it till you get a nice aroma. Add the fresh fish (fillets can also be used this way).
Unfortunately the photo is blurred. Kevin took this from his new iphone4 as a first trial.  He is getting better.