Stuffed fish or “ikan sumbat”

We bought some very fresh yellow tails from the Belconnen markets. Looking for inspiration—I picked some birds eyes chillies from the garden and some mint.
I rubbed enough salt onto the cleaned fish. Grated some fresh frozen tumeric from the freezer and rubbed it over the fish.  The chillies were pounded with cloves of garlic and candle nuts and pinch of salt.  I made enough quantity for 4 fish. I slit the back of the fish and inserted some of the chillie mix. I left the fish in the fridge until time to fry them. Remove from fridge at least half hour before frying them. Fry them in hot oil and then lower temperature. Do not over crowd pan, otherwise it is difficult to turn fish over.  Try to make this –you would love it. You can find recipes on “ikan sumbat” on the net but they have far too many ingredients. Some have grated coconut, shrimp paste and tamarind added to it.  Just kept the stuffing ingredients simple.

Serve it with rice and mint, cucumber, tomatoes and sliced fresh limes. This year our lime tree is producing a lot of fruit, maybe because of the rain we having. The mint goes well with the meal. And use your fingers to eat your meal.