Gravy Beef stew in red wine

The gravy beef was marinated overnight with red wine, fresh orange peel, whole black pepper corns and bay leaves. It smelt so good raw.
I fried some chopped onions, garlic and carrots. Then added the beef and then some plain flour. This helps to thickened the stew and would not taste of raw flour as it will be cooked slowly. Then add  the marinate and some homemade beef stock(water will do if you do not have any). Add a bouquet garni -made up of fresh parsley, bay leaves and thyme from the garden. Bring pot to slow boil and the set it to simmer. I cooked this for more than hour. Best to test it after an hour. If you have too much gravy —lift the meat out and reduce the gravy. Return the meat to pot. Add fresh button mushrooms if you happen to have any.
Mashed potatoes were made from the last harvest of potatoes from the garden.