Dinner at Rick Stein at Bannisters restaurant

We drove up to Mollymook on Canberra Day and stayed at The Bannisters Lodge. We had dinner at the much acclaimed Rick Stein’s Bannister restaurant.

We had a very good bottle of shiraz from the Hunter valley.

First course,  Kevin had sashimi of salmon, kingfish and tuna. The fish was very fresh and tastefully plated.

And I had steamed Abalone with ginger, shitake mushrooms, spring onions and coriander –with a soy, mirin and sesame dressing. I was disappointed with the dish. They bulked up the dish by placing rice noodles at bottom of the shell. I checked the menu and it did not state any noodles in the dish. I could not really taste the abalone as they were only a few slithers of abalone and  the dressing and the noodles over powered the delicate abalone.

Mains: Kevin had the Bouride of salted cod, leather jacket, snapper and King prawns. On the menu it said–a classic provencal fish stew thickened with aioli and serve with a crouton spread with harissa. We could not find any salted cod in the dish. Did they mean they salted the cod ? We expected the cod to be bacalhau (salted cod). Anyway the cod did not taste salted at all.

I had fillet of snapper with vanilla butter vinaigrette.
The menu stated : A classic from the Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant , Padstow–which is normally done with seabass but equally good with snapper. I was intrigued and looked forward to taste the vanilla butter vinaigrette. I was disappointed– there was no wiff of vanilla. The dish was just your standard fare.

The dish came with a bowl of cooked sugar snaps and carrots and dressed with heaps of butter. This side dish was cooked to perfection.