Beef cooked Indonesian style

When we were living in Sumatra we used to get frozen buffalo meat from the camp commissary.  Cook used to make this dish.
I used chuck steak.  Chillies, garlic, ginger, onions were blended. I added a piece of roasted belacan as well.  I grated the soft part of the lemon grass and chopped the rest into 2 inch lengths.
A thumb size of dried tamarind was soaked in warm water and strained. Heat pot, add some oil, add the blended ingredients and the lengths of lemon grass and fry until they come together and smells good. Do not let it burn. Add the grated lemon grass. Tip in the sliced beef and stir. Add dark soya sauce and keep stirring. Add the tamarind juice and some sugar.  Do not add water as the beef and the tamarind is enough liquid. But if you find that it needs some add a tablespoon of water.
The tamarind actually acts as a tenderiser. Add more soya or salt to taste .
Simmer  until the beef is just tender . Thinking about it, one could add star anise or cinnamon. I will try that next time round.
I made enough for another meal.
It is a morish dish and best eaten with white rice.