Fresh simple salads and soup

A sample of what we had on a hot summer evening.
1.Cabbage and carrot pickles — made a few days ago.
2.The diakon soup with dried red dates was made in the morning.
Simmer sliced half inch thick diakon (or any thickness).with some dried red dates in plain water (water just enough to cover the diakon pieces). Add a few grains ( i really mean few grains) of salt. Not much salt is needed . It just harness the sweetness of the dates and daikon soup. It is delicious cold especially on a hot day.
3. A can of plain sardines — topped  with shredded red onions and  cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fresh coriander  and a dressing made with sesame oil, fish sauce, sugar and a squeeze of lime juice.
4. A block of silken tofu was dressed with sesame oil, soya sauce and topped with shredded cucumber from the garden.
5. Crispy deep fried eggs and some colourful cherry tomatoes from the garden.

Dried red dates