Chairman Yip revisited

We were going to the theatre and booked for an ” early bird” dinner at Chairman Yip.
We have been to the restaurant on many occasions and their food have been consistently good.

On this ocassion for entrees we had:
Lightly fried fishcake with 5 spiced tomato mayonnaise.
Crispy and delicious.

Steamed wontons dressed with chilli infused oil

Pork chops with red dates ginseng and honey.
It is interesting to try and analyse how they did the dish.
I think they stewed pork chops with red dates and ginseng and then deep fried the chops. To dish up, they chopped up the pork and drizzled pork chops with clarified  gravy from the stew and honey. I must admit..I could not taste the ginseng.

Pumpkin and cucumber with caramelised chilli and kafir lime.
This dish has changed somewhat in taste. Previouly it tasted fresher and the cucumbers were still uncooked. Maybe they changed the formulae 🙂