Spice temple in Sydney

Last week we had our 43 wedding anniversary dinner at the Spice Temple in Sydney. This is one of my favourite Asian restaurant in Sydney. We have been there before but there is always something we haven’t  tried . There are excellent reviews about Spice Temple on the Web.

Table setting of The Dark mysterious interior of Spice Temple

We had:
Pickles: Cabbage and radish.
The black stuff on the pickle is a spoonful of blackened chillies.
I wondered how the cabbage obtained that rosy colour?
Even if the carrots did bleed..it would not be that colour.
Yummy and morish dish

Tea smoked duck breast  with pickled nappa cabbage and a
dressing of chinese vinegar and dijion mustard ( i think it is Dijion).

Guangxi style roast pork w/coriander, peanuts, red onions
and sesame seeds. The waitress suggested we order half a serve as it was very rich.

Fish drowned in heaven facing chillies and sichuan peppercorns
This is not my favourite dish as it was too hot and numbing  to taste.
It killed my taste buds.
The leatherjacket fillets and sliced celery was first cooked in a broth. Then the wok dried chillies and sichuan pepper corns was place on top of the cooked dish. Then very hot oil was poured on top. The waiter who served the dish  ..used a scoop and strainer to scoop out the most of the chillies and pepper corns.

Kevin had the watermelon gratin with ginger juice.
We could not taste the ginger… it did not matter as it was refreshing after the numbing experience of heavenly chillies and sichuan peppercorns

Chinese ginger egg custard.