Fire Chicken inspired by Adam Liaw

I was browsing on the net when I came a across Adam Liaw’s masterchef recipe where he made : the angry bird representing WRATH as one of the deadly sins.
Mine did not look as good as Adam’s. I used the local chillie powder and not the korean red chillie powder. And another thing…I did not discard or strain the chicken from it’s marinate. I am not sure if I am suppose to do that. The chicken did not blackened  as a result of that? I would appreciate it , if Adam or anyone who is reading this  can put me on the right path. I substituted Kochujian Chillie bean paste with preserved whole soya bean.
However the dish turned out well and did taste very good despite all the heat from the chillies and mustard and black pepper.
My dish did not look like Adam’s at all! See for yourself on his site: